It's Business Time!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Alright, so I'll be spending at least the next two weeks getting my animatin' on. However, I need to make some choices on what to animate before I get to it! Fortunately, I already had some projects in the works...

Out for a Drink?
This was a project with a rather unusual set-up... I wanted to see if I could portray something without dialogue that normally would have dialogue. So, basically, I gave myself a script, but didn't record the dialogue.

Once I had the line decided on, I drew up these thumbs to help guide my performance:

I then set up the first (very) rough blocking. And I seriously mean rough... The hands aren't positioned and the eyebrows are only elevated and angled - not shaped. Heh!

And then I got an intense three-month freelance gig. D'oh! But, now I have a chance to finish it! Woo!

The Many Ways to Say "I Love You"
I can't remember how this idea came to me anymore... but it developed like this:

I started thinking about the different ways the confession of "I love you" comes out in movies - especially in romance movies (eh.) Sure, a lot of times the confession isn't so direct, but the phrase "I love you" gets said with a very broad set of emotions.

With that in mind, I wrote down nine common scenarios that occur in romance films where a main character finally makes that painfully revealing confession. I put the scenarios in groups of three, wherein each places emphasis on a different word: "I," "love," or "you."

I did some quick, nasty sketches of the first six... Looking on them now, I think they'll certainly need an overhaul.

I'll need to grab some friends (male and female) that have decent voice acting ability and have them do a series of recordings for each scenario. I can then pick which recordings I like best and animate to them. For the sake of time, I would probably pick my favorite three.

I have a personal project of sorts where I'm creating some custom content for a Neverwinter Nights server a few Intarwebs acquaintances are running. For now, I'm going to focus on the following:

A land animal (quadruped)
A bird
An aquatic animal (fish or porpoise)

I'll make basic cycles for each, including: walk/fly/swim, attack, hit, and death.

And that's more or less what I've got planned for the moment. Any suggestions on things I should add, things I should drop, or things I should change will be appreciated.

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