A Long Overdue Update

Friday, September 2, 2011

 Yes, I am still alive!  And I'm still drawing!  As usual, things have been pretty busy over here.  If I'm not doing freelance work, I'm MAKING work for myself to do, because my brain just can't abide being idle (to quote Monk, "It's a gift... and a curse.")

I've taken another rather lengthy hiatus from my graphic novel project (sigh), but have been getting back into the swing of things recently.  Here are the thumbnails for scene 03 of Overtures, for which I generated the final pages months ago:

And here are the thumbnails for scene 04, which I am currently working on.

A few of the pages are still need some help with the compositions and what not.  I'll be sure to work on the problematic page thumbnails before I move on to creating the final pages for them.

Here are some random odds and ends: sketches, in-progress personal projects, tidbits from contract work. 

Below is an assignment for my Web Animation class that I had a lot of fun with!  Everyone had to find a clip from an animated (2D) TV show or film and replicate it in Toonboom Animate Pro using tradigital techniques.  This was my first project in the program and I absolutely LOVE it!  It has its quirks, like any other program on the planet, but man it's great to work with.

The paintbrush in Animate Pro alone brings tears of joy to my eyes.  If I can figure out a way to export the vector information of a single frame as a .esp or other universal vector file format, I am totally going to start using Animate Pro to ink Overtures.

I also have a group project in the aforementioned class, and we're creating an animated short.  Our short is about a unfortunate snake who finds himself dealing with an amateur snake charmer playing a kazoo.  Myself and m'colleague, Kevin O'Flaherty, have been working on storyboards and such.  Here are some thumbnail storyboards I did, followed by some refined boards for the second half of the short.  We're still tweaking the timing and shots, but at this point it's down to the details.

And I'd say that does it for this update!  Maybe next time I'll have those explanations of what I learned while doing the Ed Edd n Eddy master copies, hur hur hur.