Sunday, June 21, 2009

Woo! So, I've been animatin' stuffs when I can this past week. As a result, I know much more about giraffes and their extremely goofy way of moving around. Such awkward animals, I'll tell ya.

For critiquing purposes, I've added a link to a .MOV file below each video. For the giraffe walk/run cycles, you can view them as a loop in Quicktime by going to View -> Loop (or hitting Ctrl+L).

Here are the blocking stages of a walk and run cycle I did for a giraffe. The tail remains without animation for the moment; I'll wait until the body movement is solid before trying to animate the tail's reaction to it.

And here's an updated version of the "Out for a Drink" animation:

... I love how awful the silhouette is on the frame Blogger's automatic-movie-preview-frame-picker selected. Egh.

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