Freelance - with an Emphasis on the "Free"

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Yeah, so... I did some freelance for a guy wanting to create a television show based off a product he created.

Unfortunately, he ran off with the $1,300 he owed me after I created a great deal of artwork (noob mistake on my part - should have had a signed contract before doing anything.) However, there is a silver lining to this otherwise dark cloud: I never signed a Non-disclosure, Work for Hire, etc.

Hellooooo portfolio pieces!

He had some pre-existing artwork from another artist (whom he mysteriously lost contact with), and asked me to translate the currently "Nick Jr."-like art into something for a slightly older audience.

Here are some sketches and a color illustration of the main character:

I think he was also considering the idea of redesigning the main character's "body" or something like that, so I did some thumbnail sketches for ideas:

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