Head & Shoulders

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Whew! Sorry for the lack of an update yesterday, things got pretty crazy! I went to a dinner party with a bunch of ol' pals from the Art Institute, and had a wonderful time catching up with everybody.

Also, I called about a freelance illustration opportunity. I just might get the job! Just have to hope I can impress him with my "skillz." It's a really, really cool project, and I'm VERY excited about possibly being a part of it. However, because the next few days will be spent taking on the "test," in which I have to draw some copyrighted characters, there probably won't be any updates here for a couple of days (though I will try very hard to squeeze some studies inbetween the work.)

Anyway! Yesterday, I studied the neck and shoulders, along with some of the upper body.

Something else I did was a fun little exercise... Basically, you draw random shapes, and then triy to make something out of it, sticking to the original shape as much as possible. Because of my current studies, I stuck mostly to heads alone.

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Randy said...

Fun stuff, here, Amy! Good luck with the test!